Walther PPQ M2

Specifications.- Caliber: 9mm parabellum:

– Comes with three round mags
– Magazine capacity: 15 + 1 shots
– Barrel length: 10.2 cm.
– Dimensions: 180/135/34 mm.
– Weight: 695 gr.
– Trigger: QD.
– Trigger travel: 9mm.
– Trigger weight: 2500g


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Walther PPQ 9mm PB pistol 

– QUICK DEFENSE constant tension trigger. Clean and drag-free output. Very suitable for special forces and IPSC shooters. The tail of the trigger with additional tongue gives it an extra safe fall. Buy Walther PPQ M2
– Interchangeable handle loins.
– Grip with anti-slip surface.
– Retaining levers and ambidextrous magazine lock.overall
– Phosphorescent metal sights.
– Replacement charger with the help of cartridge feeding.overall
– Rail picatinny for flashlight or laser.
– Magazine capacity 15 + 1 shots.
– Optional magazines of 17 + 1 shots and 20 + 1 shots.

Specifications.- Caliber: 9mm parabellum:overall

– Comes with three round mags
– Magazine capacity: 15 + 1 shotsoverall
– Barrel length: 10.2 cm.
– Dimensions: 180/135/34 mm.overall
– Weight: 695 gr.overall

Buy Walther PPQ M2. overall

Then A revolutionary yet practical concept. Delivering the premier concealed carry option with unprecedented accuracy and comfortability, capable of withstanding anything thrown in its way.

Upon its release, the PPS series transformed the industry by introducing a polymer single-stack concealed carry pistol, effectively establishing a trend that remains popular still today. The PPS M2 is a more refined version of that original design, now measuring only 1” thick! It is the ultimate representation of Walther’s world-renowned performance catered to the expectations of the modern shooter.

The thin, yet comfortably full frame provides the most grip surface in its class, allowing ample room for off-hand support.  More grip surface provides significantly improved recoil management when combined with the higher grip supplied by the undercut trigger guard. Buy Walther PPQ M2 online

The secret to the accuracy of the PPS M2 results from the legendary Walther barrel and an internal steel chassis that provides superior slide-to-frame fit. These features make the PPS M2 the most accurate, controllable, and concealable handgun available on the market. Often imitated, but never duplicated, the PPS series is designed to exceed every expectation and deliver the absolute best shooting experience possible. Walther PPQ M2 for sale

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Walther PPQ M2
Walther PPQ M2


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