If Goldilocks grew up and found herself on the shiny side of a gun counter she would undoubtedly find the Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4. Nestled between the full size 1911 and the 911, the patented EMP is just right.

Reengineered around the 9mm cartridge, the Springfield Armory® Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) translates the benefits of the full-size 1911 into a smaller platform perfectly suited for today’s most popular defense caliber. Easy carrying and smooth shooting, the EMP is built with a forged frame and slide to last a lifetime.

To capitalize on the smaller caliber refinements, the EMP features a shortened frame and action compared to its full-size counterpart. The reduced grip radius produces a remarkably comfortable shooting experience and makes the pistol a concealable and confident sidearm.

The all new EMP 4”

Lightweight Champion™ with Concealed Carry Contour model improves on the original by combining a longer barrel with a frame trimmed for ultimate concealment. The new bevel cut on the mainspring housing does a lot more than one might think. The rounded contour molds to the shape of the shooters hand, preventing “palm bite” during fire. For carry, the contoured shape helps to prevent snags during the draw and virtually eliminates the telltale bulge under a cover garment. Now, the EMP® is easier than ever to conceal. The new Concealed Carry Contour model features a four-inch, stainless steel, Match-Grade bull barrel with a fully supported feed ramp.

The barrel is housed in a forged stainless steel slide with an exquisite satin finish. The slide assembly is complemented by a black hard coat anodized forged aluminum alloy frame. The front fiber optic sight facilities instant sight acquisition while the low-profile combat-style rear sight ensures a smooth draw from concealment. The EMP® Lightweight Champion™ with Concealed Carry Contour handles even better than it looks. Checkered black G-10 grip panels combine a slip-free hold with incomparable durability. Both front and rear strap frame surfaces feature our smooth, but effective, Posi-Lok texturing pattern. Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4 for sale


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9mm 1911 EMP Concealed Carry Contour Pistol Specifications and Features:

Springfield Armory PI9229L
9mm Luger
4″ Stainless Steel Match-Grade Bull Barrel
Fully Supported Ramp
1:16″ Left Hand 6 Groove Rifling
Dual Spring with Full-Length Guide Rod
Fiber Optic Front Sights
Low-Profile Combat Rear
G-10 Grips
Overall Length 7.5″
Overall Height 5.5″
Over Weight (Empty) 30.5oz
Forged Stainless Steel Slide with Satin Finish
Forged Aluminum Alloy Frame with Black Hardcoat Anodized
Two-Tone Finish

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