Pistol H&K USP Compact. Buy H&K USP 45 ACP
GAS operation.
Original logos H&K.
Metal slide upgrade version.
Shooting modes: secure – single shot.
Hop up adjustable.
Trigger function as a real weapon.
Slide under the barrel for accessories.
Equipped with a hook for tactical lanyard.
Weight 856gr.
BLACK color.
Length 195mm.
Barrel length ~90mm.
Model blowback.


The USP has been designed and developed especially for military and law enforcement applications. The results speak for themselves: The USP is universally applicable, extremely reliable in operation, and guarantees high consistency and precision when firing.

But the USP has even more to offer: As a modular system, it allows individual tailoring of safety and trigger mechanisms to suit any requirement. The modified Browning locking system with patented buffer system also minimises the recoil forces when firing. This significantly reduces the felt recoil. H&K USP 45 ACP for sale


In temperature tests on USP, the gun was kept at -42 ° C for a long time. After the gun was frozen, it was fired, re-frozen and brought to a temperature of 67 ° C and fired.

These temperature tests were carrie-d out continuously and as a result had no adverse effects on the USP. The gun also passed the rain and mud tests without difficulty. In addition, the USP was submerged in water and sprayed with salt, but these did not have a negative effect on the weapon. Buy H&K USP 45 ACP online


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