The Glock 43X Slimline subcompact cal 9x19mm pistol features a larger frame for a better grip and more balance. It also allows for a greater capacity of the magazine. Additionally, its slide incorporates grooves in the front of the ejection window on both sides.
Unlike the GLOCk 43, the pistol has a silver colored nPVD finisher slide. Buy Glock 43X Slimline

Greater load capacity in slim chargers (10 cartridges)
Slim slide covered with nPVD stainless steel
grooves improved polygonal striped profile (GEN5)
Beaver tail design in frame.
Shorter and smoother distance to the trigger.
Reversible magazine retained.
Caliber 9×19
Total length: 165 mm
Sliding length: 154 mm
Sliding width: 22 mm
Total width: 28 mm
Total height: 128 mm
Distance between sights: 133 mm
Barrel length: 83 mm (3.41 “)
weight with magazine: 530 gr. Magazine
capacity: 10 shots
Shutter pressure: 2,300 Kg
barrel profile: polygonal GLOCK Marksma Barrel muzzle
velocity (M / S): 300 m / s (depending on the ammunition used)
Cannon muzzle energy : 360 J (depending on the ammunition used)

Glock 43X Slimline for sale

The GLOCK G43X Sub-Compact Slimline 9mm Pistol combines a sub-compact frame and GLOCK’s proven performance to deliver a handgun ideal for concealed carry. This 9mm GLOCK features a slim subcompact slide and frame that create a low profile for more comfortable concealed carry. Buy Glock 43X Slimline online


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