Yes, it’s a new generation of Glocks… the Gen5! Here is just a short list of the new features. New Finish: Glock’s nDLC finish is tougher, more durable. Buy Glock 17 Gen5

Caliber  – 9 x 19
Mag. Capacity Standard  –     17
Barrel Profile  – right hand twist, hexagonal (GMB)
Barrel Length  – 114 mm / 4.49 in.
Length of twist  – 250 mm / 9.84 in.
Weight without magazine  – 631 g / 22.26 oz
empty magazine  – 85 g / 3.00 oz
loaded magazine – 280 g / 9.88 oz
Trigger travel – 12,5 mm / 0.49 in.
Trigger pull – 26N
Length (overall) – 202 mm / 7.95 in.
Slide length  – 186 mm / 7.32 in.
Width (overall)  – 34 mm / 1.34 in.
Slide width – 25,5 mm / 1.00 in.
Height incl. magazine – 156 mm / 6.14 in.


  • No locking pin
  • De-horned slide nose
  • enhanced trigger spring assembly
  • enhanced magazine floorplate
  • orange magazine follower
  • Redesigned firing pin & firing pin safety
  • Scallop cut in front of frame grip
  • modified trigger bar
  • new extractor
  • reinforced front side rails

Buy Glock 17 Gen5,  Glock 17 for sale

Yes, it’s a new generation of , Buy Glock online … the Gen5!

Here is just a short list of the new features.

New Finish: Glock’s nDLC finish is tougher, more durable, and is on both the barrel and the slide.

New Barrel: Glock’s “Marksman” barrel feature new rifling for improved accuracy. Buy Glock gun online

No Finger Grooves: Now your fingers go where they want to go… which is not necessarily where the finger grooves were. Buy Glock 17 online

Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever: Makes it easy to release the slide whether you’re shooting right or left handed. Buy Glock 17 Gen5 for sale online

5 reviews for Glock 17 Gen5 FS MOS

  1. dane masrk

    hey matt i must confess your the 2 glocks are super clean mehn. nice delivery and wait for my friends to come for order

    • AdmiN

      thanks dane and waiting

  2. Mathy

    This is Bella Asia Co.

    We are based in Paris, France. We re interested on glocks and ammo in Paris.

    We would like to have your advise to supply us.

    Thank you !


  3. Lorenzo

    We need another 6 guns to Netherlands and Belgium, same as before.

  4. reus gotze

    top notch supplier you are, heads up and more to come from my friends. Germany and France never believed to get this go through custom. wow wow wow

  5. Aleksey Dominika

    please what’s my stand if i buy from Russia and I don’t get my product ? and is it 100% sure to receive items

    • AdmiN

      hello sir, we do ensure that the expectations of our clients are achieved 100% so as to be their regular supplier. if you don’t receive package based on the fact that it was held by custom then we do refunds, but if you don’t receive based on the fact that is wrong address we shall refund just 30% back to you. thanks

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