Buy Beretta PX4 Storm Online Which is a semiautomatic pistol designed for concealed carry and personal defense. Borrowing features from predecessors like the Beretta M9 and Beretta 92, it is rapidly proving itself as a suitable option for law enforcement (both on and off duty), private security forces, and responsible citizens. overall

The Px4 Storm comes in subcompact, compact, and full frame versions. Checkered grips on all models provide a sure grip in less than optimal conditions, and three backstraps (included with every pistol) can be swapped for comfort and fit. The design is based on that of the M9 and 92, and the Px4 Storm cannot be improperly assembled due to distinctive parts and one-way fit. Buy Beretta PX4 Storm Online overall

An ambidextrious safety (thumb operated decocking lever) prevents unintentional discharge in the event the gun is dropped. High capacity double stack steel magazines provide enough firepower for self defense and law enforcement. A non-glare coating on the slide resists corrosion and stands up to the abuse expected in the line of duty.  Buy Beretta PX4 Storm for sale Online overall



MPN overall JXF9F51
UPC 082442157962
Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 27.7 oz
Action: Double/single
Safety: Spring loaded decocker
Sights: overall 3 dot, rear adjustable
Magazines Included: 2
Magazine Capacity: overall 17 rounds
Grips : overall N/A
Slide Finish: overall Stainless steel
Frame Finish: overall Black polymer
Item Condition: overall New


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